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Branch House Pavilion was initially thought of as a way to branch away from bluegrass but it was more about exploring originality in songs that we love no matter the genre. Whether it be an interesting back story on how the song was written or a heartfelt display of emotion singing it, Branch House Pavilion has a focus more on the song rather than individuality. Having a singer as dynamic as Amber, the versatility that Abe has on mandolin or guitar, and the songwriting passion that Scott carries with him, all on one stage with 3 part harmony, it creates a close and comfortable musical journey at each show that will feel like a private concert in your own living room! We’ll even play in your living room if want us to!

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Bluegrass Today-

“Amber is a strong singer, in the process of developing a distinctive style all her own. Her voice is pitched high, closer to a true soprano than has been common in bluegrass of late, and it makes for a sound refreshingly outside the modern grass mainstream. She is given to “Reba-like” vowel sounds, another trait we hear only rarely in the bluegrass realm.” –John Lawless-Bluegrass Today

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